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Day 7 at Ageya (Fire & Rain)

I’ve experienced some extremes during my 7th day at Ageya. Late last night/early this morning we had a little bit of an issue with a fire which burned through the two story shop building on the grounds. (And since then it’s been pouring rain) Thankfully, no one was injured and only the building and a nearby […]

Day 6 (Divide & Conquer)

Today was the first day of organized meals and organized WWOOFing tasks. Breakfast, lunch, and dinner will now be made and served at scheduled times every day, which I think is pretty cool because now I don’t have to worry about making food. We had bacon, eggs and croissants for breakfast; chicken enchiladas, fresh arugula […]

Day 5 (Arugula & the Raven)

Today I was able to really spend some time in the greenhouse – which was good because it’s a high of 57 outside and a high of 85 inside! I was able to harvest some fresh basil (2/3 of which will be going to two local restaurants that use it in their food! One restaurant […]

Day 3 & 4 (Work/Small Town Homer)

Yesterday (Saturday 7/5) was the first day I was able to work in the greenhouse. The director showed me around and went over a few of the basic tasks that would need to be done on a regular basis. This coming week, there will be 5 other WWOOFing so we will be splitting up the […]

Day 2 at Ageya (4th Parade/Spit)

Yesterday was the 4th of July but it was also my first full day of work at Ageya. I had coffee with the director’s wife around 9am and then we organized camera, phone, and walkie talkie cords; cleaned and organized yurts; and organized and stored camping gear for the next 6 hours. I learned that […]

Day 1 at Ageya (Homer)

After getting in at 2am, sleeping on a couch above the dining hall, and waking up at 7am to shower and to avoid meeting people for the first time half asleep, my first day in Homer could officially start. I met a few more counselors and one natural history instructor (all roughly in their mid […]

The Long Drive to Homer (7/3)

Late last night another counselor and I picked up a counselor from the airport at 9pm and began the long drive to Homer. They kept saying how excited they were for me to see the views along the way and I was too. It ended up being the most beautiful drive I’ve ever taken. It […]

Tony Knowles Coastal Trail : 1st Full Day in Anchorage (7/1)

My internal clock is still a bit off because I woke up at about 5:30am Alaska time. It wasn’t too bad – the sun was already up – and I was able to scope out what to wear for the weather according to what the early morning bicyclists were wearing as they passed  by the […]

Baltimore to Anchorage & Everything in Between

I arrived in Anchorage early (late) yesterday after literally the longest day of my life. When I woke up at 4:30am back home the sun was up… and when I arrived in Anchorage at 7:30pm (about midnight back home), the sun was still up and it stayed up for another three and a half hours […]

Nicknames & First Impressions

When searching for inspiration on what to name my blog I came across a group of common nicknames for the state. People call Alasaka “The Last Frontier”, “North to the Future”, “The Great Land”, “Land of the Midnight Sun” and to my confusion “Seward’s Folly” [maybe I’ll learn more about this one in July]. What […]