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Back Home!

I landed in Baltimore at 9:30am (Eastern Time) Monday after 2.5 hours of scattered sleep. Since then, I have been doing a lot of sleeping and catching up – and procrastinating on this last post (it’s now three days later – sorry!). I’m still not exactly adjusted to the time difference either. Waking up, I […]

Downtown Anchorage

Today, my last full day in Alaska, I spent my time in downtown Anchorage. After a little digging, I figured out where and when to meet the bus and took it (for only $2!) into downtown. I then walked a few blocks to make it out to the Anchorage market. The flyer said their were […]

Back in Anchorage (Flattop Hike)

I got back to Anchorage yesterday (Thursday) around noon and after leaving at 3am that morning and not sleeping the night before, I promptly lounged and slept the rest of the day. My last few days at Ageya (Tuesday/Wednesday) were amazing and I was sad to go BUT I’m also excited to be back out […]

Across Kachemak Bay

I am finally back from my almost 7-day trip across Kachemak Bay – tired and sunburnt but so glad I was able to have such an incredible experience. I have so much information to share so I’m going to organize it all by day. Day 1 – July 21, 2014 On Monday a few of […]

Day 18 (Trip Eve)

Tomorrow at 4:30 (Alaska time) I’ll be heading out with a few of the other staff members to set up camp before all of the campers get there the next day for our week long trip across the Bay. My cold has unfortunately gotten a little worse but I’m hoping tomorrow (and the rest of […]

Day 15, 16, & 17 (Sick & Tired)

The title sounds a little ominous. Even though I am really tired and I have contracted the cold that’s been tearing through the staff, the last three days have still been pretty awesome. I tried to keep up with my new-normal every other day post last night but our internet was down 🙁 I just […]

Days 13 & 14 (The Calm Before the Storm)

I have a feeling these past two days will seem like a vacation compared to the next week and a half (specifically the next few days). Yesterday I watered the hanging baskets and beds out by the dining hall and then we did some watering and seed starting in the greenhouse. We laid the whole […]

Days 11 & 12 (Pratt/Salty Dog/Spider Mites)

My schedule has gotten a little busier lately so it seems like blog posts every other day will probably be a new normal. I’ve been to the Pratt Museum, down the spit to see baby sandhill cranes and birds nesting, to Finn’s for pizza, to the Salty Dog, harvesting, fighting off spider mites, learning how […]

Days 9 & 10 (CSI Ageya)

I’ve been a little behind on blog writing the past two days. Two other WWOOFers and I have been working full days helping an investigator sift through the rubble of the fire to try and figure out the cause. We were given white coverall suits, giant gloves, and shovel and spent 9am-6pm yesterday and today […]

Day 8 (Sprouts, Education, and More Rain)

It’s day 8 at Ageya and day 11 in Alaska and I’m finally really experiencing some rain. Everyone keeps saying it was way worse (colder) in June – and I believe it – but that doesn’t mean it isn’t still cold here. I spent my first night in Eagle last night and was really optimistic […]