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Day 18 (Trip Eve)

Tomorrow at 4:30 (Alaska time) I’ll be heading out with a few of the other staff members to set up camp before all of the campers get there the next day for our week long trip across the Bay. My cold has unfortunately gotten a little worse but I’m hoping tomorrow (and the rest of the week) will be better! Either way I am determined to have an incredible time.

Unfortunately, we will not have service (and definitely no wifi) so my blog will have to be postponed until Monday (July 28th) night! I’ll make sure to take tons of pictures (camera battery permitting) and share them with all of you once I’m back.

TODAY I was able to get back in the greenhouse to harvest three large trash bags full of mixed lettuce and 2 bags full of romaine lettuce which we then proceeded to wash in the kitchen. I was getting pretty dizzy bending over all of the beds to harvest so after lunch I went back to my yurt to try and rest and kick this cold!

Before dinner I made some more yarrow tea and mixed it with this cold remedy herbal tea packet we’ve been stockpiling from the local grocery store. It’s been helping a little bit – but I keep accidentally drinking tiny yarrow leaves.

I’ve been hanging out in the staff lounge talking to some of the campers as they make friendship bracelets. They were super sweet and made me one and then taught me this super easy way to make a bracelet using the beginning stitch for crocheting. Now, all of the campers are heading outside to the bonfire to cook some hotdogs with their counselors and I will be staying indoors to avoid the cold wind. (My sinuses can’t take it tonight!)

I also tried to figure out how to set up the tent I’m bringing across the bay earlier to make sure there weren’t any pieces missing. I figured it out after a few minutes so hopefully I won’t be upstaged by these campers who have been practicing to be pro tent pitchers – they can always help me out if I’m struggling!

If any one is interested in getting an aerial view of our rough location for the next week, here’s a link! LINK TO GOOGLEMAPS

The red dotted line outlines Halibut Cove, AK and towards the top of Halibut Cove is Halibut Cove Lagoon which is one of the locations we will be paddling/hiking. Homer is on the other side of the Bay where the long skinny stretch of land is (the Homer Spit). China Poot Bay is also somewhat visible on the map and that is another paddle/hike we’ll be going on during the week.

The other paddle/hikes are: (as listed in the camp notebook)

Grewink Glacier (3.5 miles) – Terrain Easy; Hiking time 1 hr. 20 min.

Saddle Trail (1.0 miles) – Terrain Moderate; Hiking time 25 min.

Alpine Ridge Trail (2.0 miles) – Terrain Moderate to Difficult; Hiking time 5 hr.

Halibut Cove Lagoon Trail (5.5 miles) – Terrain Moderate to Difficult; Hiking time 5 hr.

Goat Rope Spur Trail (0.5 miles) – Terrain Difficult; Hiking time 1 hr.

China Poot Lake (2.5 miles) – Terrain Easy to Moderate; Hiking time 1 hr. 15 min.

Poot Peak (2 miles) – Terrain Difficult; Hiking time 3-4 hr. round trip

Wosnesenski Trail (2 miles) – Terrain Easy to Moderate; Hiking time 1 hr. 15 min.

I wish I could tell you more about these trips but I really don’t have any idea what they’ll be like. I do know that the first paddle/hike, Grewink Glacier, will take us all the way out to the glacier and we have the option to swim in the glacial melt pond/stream. I don’t know that I’ll actually do that but it’ll be cool to see! I’ve also heard that there’s one paddle/hike trip in particular where we have to time our paddles in and out really precisely so that we’re not going against the current, because apparently it gets so strong in that one area that we would have to wait it out if we got stuck trying to go out when the tide was coming in.

I really am super excited – I just wish I didn’t have this cold looming over me. Tomorrow I’m going to try and get a ride into town to pick up some cold medicine to take with me so I can knock it out while I’m over there if it doesn’t go away on its own.

Until next Monday!


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