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Days 9 & 10 (CSI Ageya)

I’ve been a little behind on blog writing the past two days. Two other WWOOFers and I have been working full days helping an investigator sift through the rubble of the fire to try and figure out the cause.

We're about half way done in this picture. The orange tape in the backgroudn was used to mark out 10'x10' grids in order to keep the evidence organized.

We’re about half way done in this picture. The orange tape in the background was used to mark out 10’x10′ grids in order to keep the evidence organized.

We were given white coverall suits, giant gloves, and shovel and spent 9am-6pm yesterday and today (with a hour lunch break) shoveling and sifting through the debris one grid square at a time looking for pieces of wire, floorboard burn patterns, and anything else that could give the investigator a clue to where the fire started and what had caused it. We were deemed CSI Ageya and the investigator was able to talk to the campers after lunch to give them an idea of what he does for a living in case they were interested in pursuing a similar career. The investigator had also been in the military, a police officer, and a bomb squad technician previously so he told the campers a little bit about those careers as well.

It was pretty interesting to see how everything was pieced together, but it was also pretty exhausting. I got a little bit of a sunburn (in cloudy 54 degree weather?) and my feet are a litte bit sore. It is one more experience under my belt though so I think in the grand scheme of things it was worth it.

Around 5:30 today the investigator thought he had pieced it together enough to call it done. The rest of the night I’ve been able to eat and shower (finally) and now I’m drinking some tea in the quiet dining hall looking out at the fog over the mountains.

One of the instructors has to go to a wedding later this week and so the director’s wife asked me to fill in for a few days. I think I’ll be teaching natural history – I’ll find out a little bit more about that in the next few days. I’m pretty excited to have a chance to try that out. I’m thinking it’ll be semi-similar to what I had been doing interning for the Friends of the Rappahannock in Fredericksburg this past Spring, but I’ll have to see. Either way, it’s another new experience I get to add to the list.

Half (about 16) of the campers left earlier tonight to go across the bay for two days to go to (from what I understand) is a big learning center where they will be able to observe organisms in tide pools and then take some of those organisms into labs to learn more about them. It sounds like a really cool learning experience. The other half will head there in a few days so the dining hall will only be 1/2 full until they’re all back.


The sprouts are still growing. We’ve been rinsing them twice a day but I think it’ll take a few days to see any real progress.

I also haven’t been in the greenhouse in the last few days 🙁 but we’ve been reading up on permaculture and the “three sisters” method (which is planting squash, corn, and beans together) so we’re probably going to plant some beans in the same plot as the pumpkins and corn we have growing.

I did get another blanket for my yurt a few nights ago so that’s been nice and warm – until I have to get up!




P.S. thank you to everyone who’s been reading my blog! I really appreciate the interest in my adventuring (:

P.P.S I’m sorry for the occasional grammatical errors/typos. I write these at the end of the day when I’m too tired to proofread!


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