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Day 6 (Divide & Conquer)

Today was the first day of organized meals and organized WWOOFing tasks. Breakfast, lunch, and dinner will now be made and served at scheduled times every day, which I think is pretty cool because now I don’t have to worry about making food. We had bacon, eggs and croissants for breakfast; chicken enchiladas, fresh arugula salad, chopped up kohlrabi with humus, and watermelon for lunch; and grilled salmon, brown rice and more arugala salad and watermelon for dinner – I’m thinking I’m a little bit spoiled on the food end.

There are 5 WWOOFers now (which everyone says is an abundance compared to how many there usually are) so we were able to divide and conquer and get a lot done today. I was tasked with moving about 40 folding chairs from the large science yurt to the upstairs of the dining hall. There were three staircases and about 500 feet in between but thankfully I was able to use a four wheeler with a trailer and my newly (very newly) developed baby arm muscles to get the job done. I helped another WWOOFer finish watering the potted plants and flower beds outside of the dining hall and then we all met up in the greenhouse to divy up the work.

I picked rotten leaves from the center of romaine lettuce stalks in a few beds, picked the little flower buds from the basil plants (which FYI stains your thumb nails a brown/purple type color after awhile, though it does smell amazing!), picked the “suckers” from the tomato plants (little branches that grow between other branches and suck the energy from the tomatoes), and helped a few of the other WWOOFers reconfigure a section of irrigation hose.

One WWOOFer and I were also pulled aside by the director’s wife to repair some of the camping gear so we patched and sewed a few tents and reattached some reusable mug lids. The trickiest part was replacing a hook at the top of one of the tents that held up all of the poles so we had to find an S shaped metal piece (that looked like this) and bend it until it fit through the loop and held up the poles at the right height. We really didn’t think we’d be able to make it work – mini victory!

Later that afternoon I hitched a ride into town with two of the WWOOFers to deliver a bag of romaine lettuce and a bag of basil to one of the local restaurants in downtown Homer called Maura’s. It was right down the road from a Two Sister’s Bakery which I had heard of before ever coming out here, so I was super stoked when we decided to stop in before heading back to camp. They had brought their dog (a rescue, boxer mix), and she came out with us and sat on the steps with a view of Bay. I got a chocolate ginger cookie and it was delicious.

The entrance to Two Sister's

The entrance to Two Sister’s

Just a few of the baked goods (I want to go back for their cheesecake)

Just a few of the baked goods (I want to go back for their cheesecake)

After we got back I had a few minutes before dinner and then I sat around afterwards drinking chamomile tea and honey, listening to one of the WWOOFers and the director’s wife talk about traditional medicinals and different uses for herbs – which was totally over my head but really interesting. A few of the WWOOFers went across the Bay on their break and they were talking about it and the director’s wife mentioned trying to get my across the Bay sometime this month so I really hope that happens! I’ve heard it’s more like a rainforest over there with a lot of water and bears and ground made up of a foot or more of soft moss.

Two of the campers are here so far getting settled in and there should be some more arriving tonight. A few flights were delayed because of fog so some of the campers won’t be here until tomorrow at some point.


My yurt only dropped to about 52 last night so the temperature is making some improvements. It was about 89 in there a few hours ago so I’m really hoping some of the heat will last through the night!

I also had to kill a giant spider (commonly named “big booty” spiders because they have this huge gray sac-like thing on their backs) that was crawling on top of my sleeping bag earlier. They’re apparently really good for the garden but not to sleep with!

Until Tomorrow