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Day 2 at Ageya (4th Parade/Spit)

Yesterday was the 4th of July but it was also my first full day of work at Ageya. I had coffee with the director’s wife around 9am and then we organized camera, phone, and walkie talkie cords; cleaned and organized yurts; and organized and stored camping gear for the next 6 hours.

I learned that there was a small-town parade in Homer at 6pm so I rode down with a few of the staff members in an old truck that one of them had borrowed from a friend of a friend (it backfired every 7 minutes or so). When we finally found a place to park, the parade had just passed the street we were on so we followed it – getting to see a reverse version, which ended up being just as good.


The little kids on the back were throwing fist fulls of candy



SAM_0465 SAM_0472


These people were riding horses with dogs in their laps and I have no idea why but it was pretty cute.


After the parade, a few of us were going to a bar in downtown Homer while the staff member that drove went to have dinner with an old friend. Unfortunately, you have to show your ID to get in and (Even though I’m 21) the bartender wouldn’t take my Virginia ID because the expiration date didn’t match my birthdate (????). It was pretty lame, but I hadn’t been able to walk around downtown Homer yet so I just decided to do that to kill time before we drove back up the hill. A lot of shops were closed for the 4th, so I decided to head down to the Homer spit.

The spit is just a long stretch of land (and the farthest west you can drive in North America) where there is a lot of RV and tent camping, boat and sea plane launches, and some restuarants towards the end. What I didn’t realize was that these restaurants were about 3.5 miles away.

I was determined to make it down there, eat some food, and salvage my night and so I walked the whole way. My feet are killing me, but it wasn’t all bad – the view made it bearable.


The view down the bike path I walked


The view to the left of the path


There’s a guy who collects old boats and has made the “junk yard” into his home


He lives here with his family. Honestly, it looked pretty nice through the windows.

Eventually, I made it down to one stretch of restaurants called “the boardwalk” and ordered some clam chowder with fresh clam and a glacier beer and was able to look out onto the Bay from where I was sitting. I got back to Ageya and crashed, listening to the pop of fireworks in the distance (which weren’t visible because it was still so bright).


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