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Day 1 at Ageya (Homer)

After getting in at 2am, sleeping on a couch above the dining hall, and waking up at 7am to shower and to avoid meeting people for the first time half asleep, my first day in Homer could officially start. I met a few more counselors and one natural history instructor (all roughly in their mid to late twenties) and went downstairs for some food. The camp cook is off for the week in between camps so the kitchen is pretty much a free-for-all – I ate a bagel because it seemed like the simplest option and I wasn’t trying to do anything weird my first morning!

The director’s wife was sleeping in so I decided to check out the grounds myself. I met the grounds maintenance guy, who was really nice, and almost ran right into a crane around the corner of a trail. No moose encounters, though, which I’m afraid I’m not very prepared for on foot. About 30 minutes later I met the director’s wife who invited my into their house (part of the camp grounds) for some coffee while she and the camp cook went over the food order for next camp. SIDE NOTE, the camp cook is originally from a town about an hour from home. I also met the director’s 10 year old daughter who is super sweet. The director’s wife took me around for an official tour of the grounds and pointed out a few odd jobs for me to do to prepare for a wedding reception they’re hosting this weekend.

She then drove me and my luggage on a four-wheeler over to the yurt that I would be staying in (it’s really cozy and I don’t have to share it – yay!) I’m over in the same section of yurts as the girl campers will be come the beginning of next week. All of the girl yurts are named after birds and all of the boy yurts are named after other types of wildlife – mine is Raven. I was able to get settled in a bit and take a 30 minute nap (with my hiking shoes still on – I was so tired), and then I met back up with her to start working.

I swept out the boys yurts, wiped down their bed mats and put new covers on some of the mats that were a little torn. I also had to clean out the two boys’ outhouses – but it wasn’t too terrible because the view was still amazing.

The view from one of the boy's yurts - Lynx.

The view from one of the boys’ yurts – Lynx.

After I finished that up the director’s wife and her daughter took me with them to stop by the bank and I got a driving tour of Homer, which was beautiful. We then went back up the hill to camp to wait for one of her friends/a staff member to arrive and to put on some warmer clothes. We then all went down to the spit (the farthest west you can drive in North America!) and had some delicious pizza – 1) tomato and prosciutto 2) pear, pine nuts, and blue cheese 3) pepperoni.

moose and calf nursing casual

A moose and her calf (I’m pretty sure the same ones I saw early this morning) on the side of the road. They walked out, the calf nursed for about 20 seconds, and they walked right back into the woods – casual. Also, note that it’s 61 degrees on the dashboard.

homer spit

You can see the spit down the middle of the photo. There are a ton of little shops and places to tent camp all along the road. The director’s wife was living in Anchorage with her family when the earthquake in 1964 occurred and she said it dropped the land of the spit a significant amount so in some areas there isn’t any room to tent camp anymore.

Now, it’s 10pm here and my phone is charging above the dining hall so I can set an alarm back at my yurt to be up before I meet the director’s wife again in the morning at 9am. Later in the morning the director is flying back into Homer and then he’ll show me what I need to be doing in the greenhouse.

Until tomorrow!

Greenhouse I'll be working in  and an amazing view

Greenhouse I’ll be working in and an amazing view



P.S. the director’s wife told me that all of those white weeds/flowers that I’ve seen everywhere (they’re in my picture of the spit) produce oils when it’s really hot out that can cause rashes and open sores if you get them on your skin and I think that’s pretty terrifying! Definitely a good thing to know.

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