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The Long Drive to Homer (7/3)

Late last night another counselor and I picked up a counselor from the airport at 9pm and began the long drive to Homer. They kept saying how excited they were for me to see the views along the way and I was too. It ended up being the most beautiful drive I’ve ever taken.

When we left Anchorage around 9pm

When we left Anchorage around 9pm


Driving to Homer around midnight

Driving to Homer around midnight

The drive to Homer around 1:30am

The drive to Homer around 1:30am

It never actually got dark, somewhat confirming my theory from previous days that the sun doesn’t actually ever set up here. A little after 2:00am we arrived in Homer and from the road at the top of a hill it was just barely light enough to see a few dozen boats with lights in the bay and the backdrop of the mountains. I wish I had been able to get a picture but it wasn’t light enough.

It was late (or early) and dark when we made it to the end up a long uphill dirt road that led to the camp and so I ended up just crashing on a couch in the lounge above the dining hall. I’ve met a few new people since I’ve been up but they’re all counselors or instructors that have the week off between camps. I, on the other hand, am supposed to be starting today so now I’m just waiting for the director’s wife to wake up.

I was finally able to see some wildlife!

At about 11pm there was a moose on the side of the road but it looked just like a big shadow. Then at 2:00am right when we were about half way up the dirt road to the camp we saw a moose and her calf so close we almost hit them (that would’ve been terrifying) – it was pretty incredible.

Now that’s it’s light out I was also able to take a few pictures of some wildlife I could see right from the window where I’m staying and a little bit of the camp with the mountains in the background.

Wildlife! Eventually I'll figure out what these are.

Wildlife! Cranes right out my window.


The view from the window where I slept last night.

I will be taking many more pictures of the camp when I go out later today and later this week. I’ll post more then!


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