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Baltimore to Anchorage & Everything in Between

I arrived in Anchorage early (late) yesterday after literally the longest day of my life. When I woke up at 4:30am back home the sun was up… and when I arrived in Anchorage at 7:30pm (about midnight back home), the sun was still up and it stayed up for another three and a half hours after that. After seeing only daylight for almost 24 hours, my body was beyond confused. I ordered some pizza and crashed on the couch until about 5:30 Anchorage time. The sun was up before I ever woke up and  – even though I know it did – it’s been hard to convince my body that it ever set.

Now that it’s the morning and I have a little bit of sleep in me I can actually appreciate the beauty of my flight in and plan for the rest of the day.

Firstly, I had no idea how many incredible works of nature I would be able to see from the air during my series of flights yesterday. From Dallas to Seattle, the pilot acted as a tour guide and was able to point out some amazing landforms I had never seen before, let along seen from such a cool aerial view. Below you’ll find the pictures of these (plus a few I thought were too beautiful to pass up posting, though I’m not sure what they are)! Also, this is about to be a long blog post. Smaller size pictures don’t do the scenery justice.


Dallas, TX fields


The Rocky Mountains about 80 miles south of Denver, Colorado.


Rocky Mountains south of Denver, CO


Rocky Mountains south of Denver, CO


Salt Lake, Utah


This beautiful river (notice the dam at the bottom of the photo) somewhere between Utah and Seattle.


Mt. St. Helens near Washington. Notice the darker side to the right of the mountain – where a massive eruption in 1980 blew out that part of the mountain and filled in the neighboring Spirit Lake with rock and ash, rising the water level by about 200ft. You can’t see it from the picture but after the eruption a little lava dome formed within the larger crater (how cute).


Mt. Rainier in Washington State. Unlike the picture of Mt. St. Helens, I didn’t have to zoom for this one. We were actually this close to Mt. Rainier and it was beautiful!

After 2 flights and about 12 hours I was finally on my way to Anchorage. Unfortunately, I was sitting in a seat right by the wing and the majority of the flight looked like this: (see below)


Too many clouds – somewhere between Seattle and Alaska

I was a little disappointed, as I had decided to forfeit some sleep for the views I thought I would be seeing, but eventually Alaska emerged from the clouds and it was beautiful.


I landed, claimed my check bag, and caught a cab all within a span of 15 minutes (it was so nice!) My cab driver told me about the local spots to see the Bay and wildlife and was kind enough to point out an area of downtown where I “shouldn’t hang out outside the liquor stores at 2am”.

Today, my first order of business was finding somewhere with Wifi to write this post and figure out my transportation to the parks I want to see – who knew Alaska would have a Barnes and Noble identical to the one back home. Soon, I’ll be heading out to Earthquake Park located along Tony Knowles Coastal Trail. Even though my body might hate all the daylight, it’s kind of nice having plenty of time to see what I want to see.


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